Shades Of Pink App

Shades Of Pink Application:
Please Note: This is a twist hunt so before you apply we would like for you to know that upon acceptance we will send you a swatch of the shade of Pink we would like you to use on your item{s}{sent out in numerical order/chosen by what # your app falls in} of course add your own style but please use the color we send we're aiming for a variety of pinks! The swatch will come in a texture form and we will include the {Hex Variable} for you as well. There are only 20 Slots available. {Amount locked in not subject to change}. All 20 slots are open to be Sponsors as well.

Copy & Paste the portion below, Complete every section please rename your NC SCH-Shades Of Pink Hunt {Participant}{Your Store Name Here}

Your Store Name:

Your Sim Rating:

Your Store SURL:

Your Store LM:

Your SL Name:

Do you have a Manager? {Y/N}
Managers Name:

Creators Name: {If Different}

Best Time To Reach You In SL?:

Is it better to reach you by NC?

What Do You Sell?:  

Your Idea{s} For The Hunt Prize:

Have You Been In A Hunt Before?: {Y/N}

{Group is Mandatory for the duration of the hunt!}
Are You A Member Of The SCH Group?:
*Will You Need An Invite?:
*If So Name The Avatar To Send It To:

Would You Like To Be A Sponsor?: 
{If so Please fill out the Sponsor Application instead}

{Please Include!}
Your Calling Card Here: 
{To Acquire: Type your own name into your inventory & drag your card to this NC}

Please rename this NC by adding your Store name in the {Your Store} Section. 
Thank You!

Please drop your Applicaton in the mailbox here: 
Sisters Choice Hunts Headquarters

Contacts: Ezmerelda Optera & Lyrieal Xevion

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