Monday, March 31, 2014

Apply Now For The "Shades Of Pink" Hunt:

Onl20 Slots Availabl
The Twist: We have chosen 20 shades of pink for designers to create their items with. Accepted stores will be given one of those shades to do their magic. All 20 are different so we should get a great variety of pink items! Which one will you get? The swatches are 1-20 the pink you receive will be determined by the numerical order your Application was turned in. Sponsor slots are available to all 20 participants.

Sponsor Fee: 150L$ {To be paid when notice to sponsors goes out}
Perk: Begining Stop Slot {First Come First Serve}, Your Logo & Direct Teleport displayed on Home page of SCH Blog {For the duration of the hunt}, Your Direct Teleport, & Store Name {Forever} displayed on the past hunts page of the SCH Blog & Lastly your Direct Teleport & Logo Displayed in the SCH Headquarters {For the duration of the hunt you're sponsoring}!.

Drop Applications at the SCH Headquarters Drop Box!

-Lyrieal Xevion
-Ezmerelda Optera