SCH Bloggers Application

#1: You must join & remain in the SCH Designers & Bloggers group while you're blogging for SCH. {We will send the invite upon acceptance.}

#2: Bloggers have Notice Rights. Please send links out in group once you have blogged an item{s} for a designer{s}. We would like our designers to see they are actually being blogged!

#3: Please post a link to Sisters Choice Hunts/Events blog to your own blog! We will give you a texture to put on your site if you like. {Link:}

#4: If you leave the group we will assume you do not want to blog anymore and we will remove your from the bloggers list!

Thank you for your interest in blogging for Sisters Choice Hunts.

SL Name:

Blog site/sites:

Hunt your wanting to blog about:

Blog Age:

Are you a part of any blogger sl groups?

Any further advertising you can give or additional info:

Please make a NC in SL & name it SCHunts: Blogger App - Hunt name/abreviation and send it to both Ezmerelda Optera & Lyrieal Xevion one of us will receive it & get back to you!

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